Monday, July 28, 2014

Dear Abuelita Lor y Abuelo Hapa,

     Your little Rahrah is about to make you grandparents again! On Saturday night, after a full day of nervous anticipation, I received the call that I will begin TRAINING tomorrow! :) AND, I will be staying in Stafford for another six weeks;) I'm really starting to believe I'll die in this place. Hermana Penaloza is going home and Hermana Clark is being transferred out. I will miss them and our happy little trio soooo much, but I'm also super excited for this opportunity to train! I've been studying 12 week, the white handbook, PMG, etc. non-stop! We're also rearranging the furniture in the room today so that it fits two people, not three. So happy :)

Last District Mtg before transfer...
*A reminder of Sister Crandall's address...
Sister Sarah Crandall
8 Ferguson Dr. #201
Stafford, VA  22554

*Here's a little about my week:
     A dog entered our car. We were in a parking lot, and this happy, foamy dog came up to us. While I was petting him, Hermana Clark opened the back door to put her bag away. As soon as she opened the door, he jumped into the car as if he was going with us! After we finally got him out, he ran around the car and got in on the other side before we could stop him! Our car was covered in dog saliva and fur. I would've taken a picture if we weren't in a hurry ;) Oh, and this was a Taizo-sized dog! Not a perrito.

Woodbridge Transfer/ Intercambio
     This past week, Hermana Penaloza and I went to Woodbridge for an intercambio. We were with Hermana Collins, who is just finishing up her first transfer. I was the designated driver, since Hermana Penaloza doesn't have her license and Hermana Collins needs to fill out some paperwork before she can drive. It felt like the greatest P-day ever! I still got to do missionary work, which I love, but I also got to relax a little because I didn't need to worry about planning. We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of miracles! At this point, I didn't know that I would be training, but it helped me prepare a lot because Hermana Collins is still learning Spanish.

Clark, Crandall, ENRIQUE, Dimas
     Enrique. His dad was a referral, but his dad referred us to him. He's 21 and doesn't say much during the lessons. He does the reading, but doesn't have much to say about what he learned. He said he wanted to go to church, so we found him a ride. After church, he said he loved it and wants to come next week! And he's coming to Robert's baptism tonight!:) He is so golden!

     Speaking of which....YES, Robert is getting baptized TONIGHT! We saw one miracle with him being able to go to church last week, but we saw a bajillion more miracles this past week. His mom doesn't work Tuesdays, so we stopped by to visit him. It was our first time meeting her, and she expressed her desire for him to be baptized! She said she was against it at first because Robert's only 9, but because he's been praying about it every night and he's been reading in the Book of Mormon, she decided that he can be baptized! Also, other miracle...his Grandma hasn't been able to take him to church because she works on Sundays and it's nearly impossible to teach him because he's always being babysat at other homes. On Monday, she had an accident at work and dislocated her shoulder. (She does housekeeping at a hotel.) SO...I know it's kind of morbid, but I also think it's a miracle. We were able to see Robert almost every day last week and teach him all five lessons! And he came to church again yesterday! The Grandma se dio cuenta at church that she has been missing it, and she wants to find a different job so she can keep attending after her shoulder and arm heal!

     Robert is so cute and says the cutest things. We were talking about family history, and Hermana Penaloza asked him if he'd heard of it before. He said, "Yeah, isn't that when families pass down secrets? Like secret recipes?" When we taught the ten commandments, he said, "Don't commit adultery? Doesn't that mean that we're not supposed to do what adults do?"

     He also has this book about overcoming addictions and changing your life. It's some weird Christian hand-out. (There are plenty of those in Virginia!) It was full of the before-and-after meth addict pictures. He said, "This is what you look like if you don't pray for a year." There was a picture of someone about to swallow a pill. He pointed it out to me and said, "this pill represents sin." It was pretty darn cute.

     OH, and Robert had some potential issues...While I was in Woodbridge, apparently he confessed his love for coffee. When we went by again on Friday, we had to make sure that he hadn't had any coffee in the past 7 days. He said the last time he had a cup of coffee was two months ago. Then he said, "But sometimes I think about drinking coffee. How can I get these thoughts out of my mind?" We assured him that he could read the Book of Mormon or pray and Jesuscristo would help him :) and that he can have hot chocolate whenever he wants.

     I'm just super happy that Robert's getting baptized! It's the perfect way to end this transfer, and for Hermana Penaloza to end her mission!

With Jose y Alicia... after 2 dinners!
     We have another investigator on date! His name is Jose. We're teaching him and his wife Alicia. They have different work schedules, so we teach them separately, but I'm sure she'll be on date soon too! The fecha is in the end of September so that he has enough time to find a new job because he works on Sundays. They REALLY love us! Jose was worried about transfers and us leaving, so he gave us gifts on Saturday--some notebooks and post-its and highlighters. He knows us so well;) Alicia also gave us a stack of clothes. I don't know why Hispanics love giving missionaries clothes;) haha.

     Alicia also fed us dinner on Tuesday...which was possibly one of the hardest nights of my mission. We had dinner con la familia Velazsquez at 5:30. They're the family that was teasing us because of how much food they gave us and made us eat. This is the best food I've ever eaten in my whole life...the only problem is that I'm served 3x more than I want! Anyway, right after dinner, we went straight to Alicia's at 6:30 to eat with her. We knew that she was going to feed us, and we couldn't bear to cancel on her because of how excited she was! She made SO MUCH FOOD. By the end, it became a game of survival to get it down. It was really delicious too and I love her so much :) I love my mission.

     Anyway, Alicia gave me this cute skirt because it was too small for her and she thought it would fit me. It ended up being too big for me. A few of my other skirts are also too big. So we borrowed a sewing machine from Hermana Miranda and I've been happily fixing up all my skirts:) Just wanted to throw that out there. I love sewing! And I really love Hermana Miranda. I loved her grandboys while I was in Accokeek, and now it's so cool that I can serve her too!

     Absalon, Natalia, and Randy all celebrate their birthdays this week! On Saturday we went to Fredericksburg to eat and spend some time with them. It was really nice, especially since my Spanish has improved a lot since I left Fred! I got some cortos (shorts) and shirts for Randy for school this year and then I printed some pictures of the wedding for Absalon and Natalia. Absalon said that I should move to Fredericksburg after my mission and rent a room in their apartment. He said Natalia would cook for me and I can nanny Randy;) Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

Hermano Marco is Bien Cool ;)
     Yesterday we got Marco to go out with us again AFTER he fed us dinner! (Which was super yummy! Look for Mexican cream sauce (Ole brand) if you get the chance.) I think I've mentioned him before--he's the one that's "bien swag" and "cool." He's a great example of real conversion. His life has changed completely and he made it to the temple. He attends YSA now, but he's great to have at lessons. We took him to see la familia Gomez again last night.

     I think that's all for now. I love my mission SO MUCH! I love Stafford! I love this Branch. There are some amazing people here. They are so willing to serve! I love my investigators a ton. I love my new Hermanita. I love mi Padre Celestial y mi Senor Jesucristo. Estoy tan agradecida por todo lo que me dan. I just really love being a missionary:)

Con amor,  Hermanita Crandall

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Deseo morar entre este pueblo por algun tiempo; si, quiza hasta el dia que muera."

Querida Familia,

     Sorry people, I don't have a bunch of time because we're going to the first ever Sister's P-day! We're going to make cookies, paint nails, all that good stuff. That and Hermana Penaloza needs to start packing... It's weird because we'll just knock doors and teach, and then the following day she'll be on a plane ride home. I've decided that I'm not going to let that happen to me. I think I'll just stay forever in Stafford:) And yes, I do feel better regarding the news from last week. I'm happy Louise is with her husbands now. And I've been praying for the Heidbrink family every day!

     We did a whole bunch of tracting this past week in the trailer park! We found a lot of new potentials and investigators. I've developed a great love for tracting. It's a great way to practice Spanish. That and every door is a surprise--you never know what you'll find on the other side! It's also been raining a TON here, which is nice because it keeps the temperatures down in the 80s. We got soaked a few times this week. Perfect tracting weather:)

      We've been in a movie-watching-mood. On Friday we watched "Testaments" con la familia Santiago to help them better understand the story in the Libro de Mormon. In our apartment (we live with the Accokeek Sisters) we watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie. We watched it at night after planning and getting ready for bed, so it took about four days to finish it. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it!

     Saturday, the stake had a huge priesthood meeting. They asked the Spanish Branch to prepare the dinner. It was a grand effort, but it turned out really great. We got to help decorate, serve, and wash dishes. I really love my branch:) Everyone told us gracias and I was super happy. Not much else to share about this experience--only that I'm really proud of my branch and for their desires to serve and share. It's really neat to be a part of it and I hope I can stay another transfer!

*Sorry I really don't have much time, but here is what I wrote to President Wilson this week:

     The past few weeks I've been trying to eliminate distractions by doing a "40-day-fast." I took down pictures of my family and I've been working on memorizing hymns in Spanish. I also have been fasting every Sunday for specific blessings. (And I gave up candy!) Yesterday I fasted and prayed that our investigator, Robert, would be able to come to church. He's 9 years old and he has so much faith! He said that when he reads the Book of Mormon, he feels like Jesus is sitting next to him. He watched the Restoration movie on his own. We asked what he learned, and he said that if he has enough faith, he can see Heavenly Father! Anyway, his grandma is a member, but she works most Sundays. We called his parents on Saturday, and they said to call back Sunday morning. I started a fast Saturday night and prayed specifically that he would be able to come to church. We talked with his dad, and he said they already had plans and he wouldn't be able to go. I was pretty disappointed. Later at church, we were greeting people in the chapel when Robert showed up with his grandma! She said that it was a miracle that she was able to get work off that day and she didn't find out until Sunday morning that she didn't have to go in. I have gained a strong testimony of prayer and fasting! It changes us and blesses our investigators.

I love you so much!:)  Hermanita Crandall

*PS - It's at the point that I can't NOT pray in Spanish. In my personal prayers, sometimes I start English but I always finish in Spanish. It's so much easier now! I'm super pleased:)

Monday, July 14, 2014


Querida Familia,

     My heart is just breaking because of the bad news from home. I'm so sad to hear that Louise passed away. I really truly love that woman and I hope she's found peace and rest in spirit paradise! It just hurts knowing that I won't be able to see her again in this life. This is what I was most afraid of when I left--that someone wouldn't be there when I got home. And I'm so sorry to hear about Robert's dad. I don't know him very well, but Robert is one of the greatest men I've ever met. I'm so grateful for the influence he is in our family, and it hurts to know that his family has to face this trial. I'm grateful for the knowledge that we have that families are forever.

     I don't really feel like writing all that much, but I promised Dad at the beginning of my mission that I would always write home so that Mommy doesn't get sad.

     We had a super busy week! And this upcoming week looks even busier! We met with Yuri again, who was a former from last summer. She said that this time around she really wants to know for herself if it's true. She's read a bit from el Libro de Mormon, and she said that she wants it to be true because she likes what she's learned. We also saw Porfiria again. Her husband isn't interested, but she said she wants to keep meeting with us. We did some "How to Begin Teaching" with her to understand why she keeps receiving us. She said she likes to learn more about "la Palabra" which is "the Word." We discussed the importance of acting on what we teach, and not just being acted upon.

     For those preparing to go on a mission, How to Begin Teaching is SUPER important! You can find it in chapter 10 of PMG. We use it at the beginning of every lesson. Investigators need to understand our purpose as a missionaries.

     This past week we've spent a lot of time with the recent convert Monica, who we spent the 4th with. She's a single Mom, but Dad is still involved with the family and really helpful. We talked about how she needs to create a vision for her family of what she wants them to achieve. Next, she needs to develop some family goals and family plans. By doing this, she can protect her family from evil influences. I have learned so much on my mission the importance of this process: vision, goals, plans.

     On Friday we spent a couple hours helping Brenda. She's Hispanic, but attends the Aquia Ward. She got married a little under a year ago. He works for the Secret Service and was in Brazil the past 6 weeks helping out with Mundial. She also went to Mexico to visit her family for 4 weeks. They haven't done a lot of decorating, and she was hoping to finish that and do some cleaning before he gets home. It was a lot of fun, but involved some heavy lifting. The physical therapy has strengthened my lower back, but I still feel a lot of pain in my shoulder blades, etc. BUT, the point is, she asked us, "how am I supposed to know how to decorate?" And the planning process came to my mind--it's so easy! Just start with a vision, set some goals, and make a plan! It can apply to making a family/personal constitution, weekly planning, decorating your home, and more! In high school I was always super stressed out because I loved doing as much as possible. Now that I really know how to plan, I feel capable of doing even more! God is the master planner. Good planning makes us more like Him!

     We had interviews with President Wilson this past week. I was really nervous for them. I think I've just been a little disappointed with my lack-of-relationship with my Mission President. We have a 10 minute personal interview with him every three months. Which is understandable, considering there are nearly 300 missionaries in this mission. We talked about my testimony and area and family. He asked if I wanted to know what I'd be doing in the next few months. Then he pulled out the list of incoming/outgoing Hermanas for the next three transfers. In two weeks, only Hermana Penaloza goes home, but there are 6 Hermanas coming in. In the following transfer, 1 will leave and 8 will come in. And then the one after that, 3 will leave and 6 will come in. And after early December, I will be the "oldest" Hermana until I go home in April (and I will also be the only Hermana going home that transfer). SO, there will be lots of changes in the Spanish program! A lot more areas will be opened and I'll have more opportunies to lead and train! Hermana Penaloza has done a lot to help me prepare for this.

     Anyway, at the end of the interview he asked if there was anything I needed. I said no. Then he said, "Whenever I'm with you, I feel like there's something bothering you. Or that you feel you can't open up the way that you want to." Something to that effect. I told him everything was fine and now have felt frustrated about it all week. I don't know what it is I want. I'm worthy, I'm working hard, I'm happy, I'm growing and learning and changing and becoming better. Maybe I'm just frustrated that he's not a big part of it like I imagined? I can't comprehend how the Savior can love each of us so individually and perfectly when there are billions and billions of us--but somehow he does it.

     This month I've been studying the Christlike attribute of charity! We were teaching this family that was really difficult. It seemed like all they wanted to do was Bible bash, but they kept inviting us back. Two weeks ago when we taught them, I left my own copy of el Libro de Mormon with them because we forgot to bring a spare copy. It's the one that Mady and Clarissa gave me for my 19th birthday. I haven't marked it up a lot because I've been waiting for Spanish scriptures, but it is pretty special to me. We said we'd bring a different copy for our lesson last night. The lesson last night was so sad. One of the family members had looked up anti material online. We decided to close the lesson. Hermana Penaloza shared her testimony and we were going to leave. She was about to try and switch the Libros so that I could have my own and they could keep the new copy, but I told her not to. We closed with a prayer and left. I had the feeling that I didn't love these people enough. They tore us down, mocked what we believed, and one of them even told us she was ready for us to leave. It's so easy for me to love people like Porfiria and Yuri, but I need to love this family more. So I left my Libro de Mormon with them. And we'll probaby never see them again, but I know that I left something really special to me there.

     And I did get Spanish scriptures this week!

     Lastly I just want to share what I've been learning about self-control. P-day was my least favorite day last week because I had a hard time focusing Monday night. It's really hard not being there with Claire (my new baby niece). So on Tuesday I began a "40-day-fast" which I learned from Sister Miller. I put away pictures of my family and letters I've received (no offense...). I've also given up candy, memorized my favorite Spanish hymn, Divina Luz (Lead Kindly Light), and I'm focusing more on speaking Spanish outside the apartment. And I'm going to fast every Sunday until I finish the 40-day-fast. This past week I was way more focused than ever! On Sunday, Hermano Messinger was teaching in Gospel Principles about the Spirit World. It will be hard for people who had addictions to overcome them in the Spirit World. But I think this applies to all natural man tendencies. We need to learn to have self-control over our bodies in this life so that while we're in the Spirit World, we won't be distracted by insatiable desires. I don't have all my notes with me, but I learned A TON. I'm also at the point where I think I learn as much in Spanish as I do in English.

I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week!
Love,  Hermanita Crandall

*P.S. from Sarah's Mom... here is a reminder of her current address!!
Sister Sarah Crandall
8 Ferguson Dr. #201
Stafford, VA  22554

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Tropical Storm in Stafford!

Querida Familia,

     Apparently a hurricane hit North Carolina this week? We haven't heard that much about it, but we did have a tropical storm--sort of. We slept through it :)

     I had a wonderful week here in Stafford, as I have for the past 40 weeks. And do you know what that means? I hit my half-way mark!!!!!!!!!! (40/80.) I've had mixed emotions about it all. I love my mission and I want it to last forever, but I'm also missing the fam right now with Claire joining us and all. For now I'm just enjoying my mission and working as hard as I can every day!

     On Tuesday, we had District Meeting and I was asked to give a training on accountability. Being me and all, when I hear accountability, I think about accounting. I took the basic accounting equation and related it to missionary work! As long as we make the Savior our business partner, we can always stand blameless before the Grand Auditor! I wrote a letter to Millie last week about it, if you want to see more.
Sisters at Zone Olympics
Four-legged Race

      We were able to see Porfiria again! We started reading from the Libro de Mormon with her. She's really timid, so it's difficult to discern her needs and her understanding. She seems to like our visits, and she's progressing half the time. Unfortunately, when we stopped by for our next appointment with her husband, she said that he doesn't want us to come anymore :( She said we can keep visiting her earlier in the day when he's not home, but it's hard to tell if she's just trying to be nice because this woman is very shy. Hopefully she'll keep learning, because I have a special place in my heart for her!

     Another woman I just love is Hermana Carmen. She is the Grandma of the three little boys I taught while I was in Accokeek! I don't know if you remember them...their Dad won't let them get baptized, but they can learn from the missionaries. Sister Olsen and I would visit them every Wednesday! Well, now I get to visit their Grandma, who is less active. She has a really strong testimony, she just fell out of habit of attending church. We taught her the Plan de Salvacion this week to help her set some eternal goals. While teaching, I felt the Spirit really strong. I have a huge testimony of the plan that God has created for our lives. It's not complicated. We only have to do our part and then God has promised to give us all that He has. We also had dinner with her last night to celebrate Hermana Penaloza's birthday! She made Chiles Rellenos and it was SO DELICIOUS. And super easy. Mom, Dad, you will be blown away when I get home. I'm going to make some pretty amazing dishes. 

     For the 4th of July, we had a big combined breakfast with the Stafford Spanish Branch, Aquia Ward, and Accokeek Ward! All of my Keek Peeps were there! The Fishers, the Fortiers, everyone! Brother Burlew took me aside to let me know that the McNary family is getting baptized! I don't think I ever wrote about them, but they were a family friend of the Burlew family. Sister Olsen and I only visited them 2 or 3 times before they moved to Texas, but we convinced them to let us send missionaries over there to visit them. When I heard they were getting baptized, I almost started crying! I'm so happy! :)

     Anyway, not much time left. But we had a great day:) We had dinner with la familia Santiago (recent converts) to celebrate Hermana Penaloza's birthday. And then we went home to do weekly planning. But we ran out just in time to see some neighbors doing fireworks:)

I love you all so much!:)

Hermanita Crandall

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love from Auntie Rah Rah:)

Querida Familia,

     This little Auntie is so happy!:) I can't wait to meet my first sobrina! On Thursday, I had to email something to a mission leader. I didn't read any emails because I'm obedient, but I did happen to see an email from Dad titled "Claire Eve Heidbrink," which gave me a hint that she had finally arrived;) So while shopping this morning, I couldn't help but buy her another onesie at Walmart. Claire is already super spoiled and super loved by me:) It was also a neat experience, because Wednesday night while praying I received a pretty distinct prompting that she had been born.

     A lot of wonderful things happened this week! We've struggled to put anyone on date, or have anyone progress. But now we have Robert on date! His grandma is a convert of about three years, but his parents have been against his baptism. We felt like it was time to ask his parents for permission again, and this time they agreed! Robert has been attending primary for a few years now and knows quite a bit. I really love this boy a lot:) We taught the restauracion and left the video with him. We stopped by on Sunday to follow up, and he said that he learned that if he has enough faith, he can see Jesus and God. My heart just melted!

     Absalon and Natalia went to the temple for the first time to perform baptisms for their deceased family members! Absalon had two brothers who were murdered. I helped them prepare the names, and then called the temple and made the reservation. They went on Saturday! I haven't had a chance to follow up, but Absalon promised to take some pictures.

     We also were able to visit Porfiria again. (I blessed her home.) She did her reading assignment! And she wants to start reading the Book of Mormon! We were also able to meet with her husband Felipe, and he seems great too. I have a lot of love for Porfiria. She always feeds her baby during the lesson;) A lot of Hispanic women feed their babies in front of us. But last night we had a member with us, so she used a blanket. And I helped her hold the blanket and held the Libro de Mormon for her so she could read along with us. I told her that I want to be a Mom and she said that I'll be a great one:)

     Sorry I keep jumping around so much. Anyway, the member we brought with us was Dan, who just finished his mission a month ago. He served in CA Spanish speaking. Two cool things. At the end of the lesson, he said to Hermana Clark, "based on your Spanish and your CCM tag, I'm guessing you've been out about 6 months?" Tomorrow is her 6 month mark. I then asked him how long he thinks I've been out. He guessed 14 months! Sweet. I have 14 month Spanish when I've only been doing it for 4.5;) Definitely studying it before my mission made a huge difference. I can formulate sentences really well, and I know lots of vocabulary. I love Spanish:)

     The other cool thing he was talking about is what it's like to come home. He said some people worry too much about it, because they won't be missionaries anymore. He said that he just decided he would always be a missionary, so coming home was like being transferred to a new area. He can go out with his home ward missionaries, the Spanish missionaries, and the YSA missionaries. His mission had facebook, so he still keeps in touch with investigators from around the world. And he can still do online member present lessons with missionaries in his mission in California. I've decided that I want to be a missionary FOREVER. There's nothing I love more than seeing people change, and helping people come closer to Christ:) When Elder Bednar came, he taught that there's a huge difference between doing missionary things and being a missionary. I love being a missionary!

     Also no we don't have iPads yet. We're supposed to get them some time before the end of the year, but I'm pretty sure we're the last mission in the United States to get them. I really want to have an iPad, because it's probably helpful with planning, organizing, showing videos, etc. But I don't think I want facebook yet;)

     Okay. So yes, we heard about what happened in Oakton, Virginia. That's in the DC South Mission. This is what I think about it:

     We did have one person mention it, kind of. We knocked into a white woman and chatted with her on her porch for a while. It was about 95 outside and there was sweat dripping down our faces, but she didn't invite us in, haha;) She asked if we were from Utah, and so we asked what she knew about the church. She said that her church has "tapes" about our church. We asked what the tapes taught about us, and she started going on about how we're polygamists and we do weird ceremonies in the temple and how we get excommunicated if we speak out or get divorced. So that's the only thing anyone's said about it. It made me pretty sad. I've heard people say that other churches preach bad things about us, but I never actually believed it to be true. (I like to seek the best in others.) But now a member of the other congregation herself told us that. I can't believe how blind some people are. The church has been persecuted since the very beginning, with the Old Testament Profetas.

     On Wednesday night we stopped by a member's home to help her box up some things for her move. She surprised us with dinner at 7:30...yay. I was going to tell her that we had already eaten, but she then went on to say that she had made it specially for us and she had been waiting. She piled SO MUCH ARROZ and some tilapia on our plates. I'm pretty sure she gave me the biggest piece of fish. I was trying to eat it as fast as I could, before I started feeling full. I looked up, and my companions were already done. The member had left the room for a minute. I whispered to Hermana Clark, "I can't do this!" And then Hermana Clark put her plate out and whispered back, "don't worry! You can put some on my plate!" At that moment I knew for sure that my companion loved me!:) But I finished my plate on my own and felt like a champ.

     Last night, we had dinner at a Peruvian home. The Hermana made tallarines verdes, which is one of my favorite plates. But this member is known for giving missionaries too much food. Even her husband was making jokes about how much food she gave us. He said (in Spanish), "It's a good thing you have a big stomach Hermana Clark! Just like Hermana Crandall." Halfway through dinner, he asked Hermana Clark if she was suffering in trying to finish the food. It was as if we all knew it was way too much food, but none of us dare leave anything on the plate for fear of offending the Hermana. I was in serious pain after dinner.

     After dinner, we did some knocking. We chatted a bit with a former/potential to set up an appointment. We left and were half way down the street when her husband came out and called to us. He was inviting us to have dinner with them. We all looked at each other, and knew what we needed to do. If you want to communicate love to a Hispanic, you have to eat their food. We walked back, absolutely terrified, to their home. We got inside and sat down at the dinner table. He asked how much time we had, and we said only 10 minutes before our next lesson. Then, God showed us a tender mercy! He wrapped up the food and told us to take it home instead! Crisis averted :)

     Sorry I'm almost out of time, but I realized I haven't written about obedience yet, which is the Christlike attribute I studied in June! (July is charity--I'm starting over again!)

-"The pain of discipline weights ounces, but the pain of regret weighs tons." - A professor at BYU has this quote outside his office and I just love it! It's difficult to be exactly obedient, but it definitely pays off. I will NOT regret the way I served my mission.
-Alma 57 - Helaman's army. "Obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactiness."
-Obedience = blessings. Exact obedience = miracles!
-Obedience is the first law of Heaven. Cleave to my covenants!
-Ire y hare - I will go, I will do!
-D&C 130 - Certain blessings are predicated on obedience to certain laws.
-Mosiah 2:41 - obedience = happy!
-John 13:17 - "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them"
-Do it and do it willingly!
-I will not illegaly share music!

     And that last one has a story...a lot of missionaries have been sharing music. I didn't really feel comfortable with it. One day this past month I had a prompting that I needed to make a decision about it. I decided that morning that I wouldn't allow anyone to copy my music. Later that afternoon, a missionary asked to borrow a CD so they could make a copy of it. I told them no. It was easier because I had already made the decision! I felt weird about it for a while, or awkward at least, but I'm so grateful that I received the prompting earlier!:)

I love you all so much! I hope you have a happy week:)
Hermanita Crandall
Auntie of Claire

*PS I taught a woman who we think is schizophrenic so don't let me forget to tell you about it next week!