Monday, March 9, 2015

Hoping Hapa's Okay from Harrisonburg

Querida Familia,

     I am just so stoked to finally hear from Crandall Shimai:) What a cute little missionary she is! I am so proud :') and I will miss the days of us watching the district together and me taking naps on her bed before she got home from school. Hopefully the district 3 will be out by August 2016!;) I guess Dad was in the emergency room with kidney stones. Sounds like you all had a nice week. I hope you're feeling better. I'll miss my Hapa mail <3

*Hermana McRae and I likewise had a pretty eventful week.

     We spent alllll day Tuesday knocking. We found this cute little pocket of Hispanics where half of the street is student housing and the other half is Hispanic. We haven't taught anyone there yet, but we met some neat people.

MLC - Mission Leadership Council
     On Wednesday we made the trip to Richmond for MLC! It was really great and we focused on having faith, having the faith to baptize, and having the faith to endure to the end. I also made it pretty far in our lightning game during lunch, which never happens. (If you don't know what lightning is, ask Hapa. I'm pretty sure he played left bench on the basketball team and might be familiar with it;)

     We spent the night in the mission home because we had another meeting, just for the Sister Training Leaders, on Thursday. We got to do an exchange with the Hermanas in Midlothian which was really fun because I never got to serve there. President Wilson is super funny because he made us stay up until 10:30 singing songs and so we didn't get to bed until after 11. And then we got up at 5:30 to play oompa at the church. By the time we started the meeting at 9:30, we were exhausted! Some Sisters even fell asleep;) 

Sister Training Meeting
     After the meeting there was a big controversy because of a snow storm that was coming in. It rained a lot, then got colder and snowed on top of a sheet of ice. We called our Zone Leaders at around noon and they said cars were grounded in Harrisonburg and that there was already a foot of snow. SO...we were obligated to spend another night in the mission home;) It was fun, but it was also super hard to be out of our area for 2 whole days. We had to cancel some appointments. We did weekly planning in the mission home and then did exchanges with the Chesterfield Hermanas in the evening. There were 9 sisters that had to stay an extra night for the snow storm -- us, Charlottesville, Stafford, and Woodbridge.

     We got up the next morning and left right after 7 so we could make it on time to Zone Meeting at 10:30 on Friday. (It took extra long because we had to drop off the trio in Charlottesville.) We arrived in Harrisonburg right on time, but the Zone Leaders ended up canceling it and moving it to Saturday so that the Franklin (WV) Elders could make it. During lunch on Friday, I was so worn out that I just went up stairs and napped the entire hour.

     But now we're back on it and things are going really well:)

     I gave a training at Zone Meeting about involving the youth in missionary work! I shared the "Embark" video which is really great and makes me cry a whole bunch. You can find it on the front page of Just click on the youth theme resources.

     We had a RS Society activity on Saturday for the birthday celebration or something like that. Ana came! The Stake RS President came and sat at our table and we translated a conversation between her and Ana. It made me miss my favorite Stake RS President in Lehi <3 love you Mommy. Hermana McRae and I were super pleased because Ana seemed to have a great time! We played a pictionary/charades game. The best one was Hermana Lizet acting out Michael Jackson, haha:) 

     Ana came to church on Sunday, again, and seemed to especially enjoy it as well! She might not have a baptismal date (STILL) but she is really consistent about coming! And whenever she can't make it, all of the members ask where she is. All of the new Hermanas in the branch thought she was a member!

     We also have a wonderful new investigator named Geraldine. She speaks English, but would be a great addition to the branch. She's a young, single mom and has never been very religious. When we taught her the restauracion, it was so powerful! We had Mikelle with us, who's a recently returned Sister from Brazil. After we explained the first vision, Geraldine asked us to share our testimonies. I've never had an investigator do that!!! She's really open to being baptized and we're hoping she'll do it before the end of this transfer.

     We started teaching the boy from the part member family I wrote about last week, Alejandro. He is super cute! His mom, even though she's been less active for years, asked us to sing "Tal Como un Fuego," which is "The Spirit of God." She still knew all of the words! Then she said that Alejandro had watched the restoration movie and just cried and cried because he felt the Spirit so strongly. We asked him what he thought, and he said that he knows that if we want more faith, we can pray and God will give it to us. The mom was so great about sharing her testimony of modern day prophets and apostles. And then she fed us Puerto Rican food:) I just love this family so much.

     I know so powerfully that this is the true church of Jesus Christ! I feel so honored to be a missionary and to have the opportunity to share my testimony with everyone! And I'm so pleased that my little sister is doing the same thing:) I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Con amor,  Hermanita Crandall

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